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Marvel HeroCix: Civil War Storyline OP - Month 2


Players Dugout Comics & Cards
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Each month, players build teams using Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Booster Packs and compete to win limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures— the first three months of the Event Series will be structured as individual 4-player “Battle Royale” games with the last month being structured as a 3-round head-to-head Swiss pairing tournament.

At the end of the event series, players will draft based on their overall event standing from a selection of exclusive limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures.

***GRAND PRIZE ELIGIBILITY: Players must participate in at least 2 events to be eligible to draft from the Grand Prize pool.

Month 2— Recruit to Our Cause
Tournament Format: Team Battle Royale
Draft Format: Battle Royale Faction Draft (Team)
Players: Minimum – 4 /Maximum – 16 (16 players in pods of 4)
Setup: Battle Royale Map—each player starts in one of the 4 Battle Royale starting areas.
Scenario Rules: Before start of game, distribute Bounty Cards— the A Victory for Our Side Optional Rule is in effect (see Bounty Cards tab for more details).
Prizing: Snake Draft
· All figures used in the game are placed in the center of the map to form a prize pool.
· One (1) Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Prize Pack is to be added to the prize pool of each Battle Royale.
· Players are to snake draft in order of their placement.

Tournament Points: Players score Tournament Points (TPs) as follows:
· 1st place player receives 4 TPs
· 2nd place player receives 3 TPs
· 3rd place player receives 2 TPs
· 4th place player receives 1 TPs
· BONUS TP: Players on winning team each receive 1 bonus TP. “Winning Team” is the team with the highest total Victory Points between both players.